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Dean of Students

Dean of Students

The office of dean of students’ deals with all matters related to the general welfare of the entire students body. The office coordinates the departments of catering to ensure that students get a balanced diet within the college means; the department of health to ensure students’ health is taken care of and the department of housing to ensure students sleep in a sound environment.
The office also coordinates all co-curricular activities which include games, music and cultural activities.
The office is also involved in general guidance and counseling of the students. In this regard, the guidance and counseling is coordinated by head of guidance and counseling.
The head of guidance and counseling is in turn assisted by a team of staff members in the department.

The office plays the role of relations effectively between the students’ body, the administration and other college departments.

We also have personal tutors who are allocated a manageable number of students for purpose of guidance and counseling. Peer counselors chosen among the students also come in handy in peer guidance and counseling. Guidance and counseling department also invites external speakers from time to time for purpose of guidance and counseling. We work closely with ministry of health and Health facilities to ensure the students are well informed on the above life skills and to enable them take good care of themselves and the society of large.

The office maintains an admission register for all students admitted in the college. We process students’ leave of absence, students’ statistical records, and bursary forms, clearance of students at the end of their course and issuance of leaving certificates. The office also coordinates students’ entertainment programme.

We have always strive to produce balanced, morally upright and emotionally stable teachers.

We are inspired by the support and cooperation we received from the entire staff and students.

The office plans, organizes and supervises students’ council election in the college. We attend all students’ council meetings and advice accordingly. We keep records of all cases of students’ suspension, withdrawal and maternity and pass such information to relevant sections of the college.

The Dean’s office is the secretary to the disciplinary committee with the responsibility of moderating decisions’ reached by the committee. The office also coordinates clubs and societies activities within the college.

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