These departments are responsible for keeping the college
operating smoothly, safely and on a financially sound footing.

Academic Departments

Our Academic Departments

Education Department

Education is the core subject for Teacher Trainees in the Primary Teacher Education Curriculum.

Intergrated Sciences Department

A flexible, highly interactive Department that stresses active learning, group discussion and collaborative research.

  • Sciences Sub-Department
  • Agriculture Sub-Department
  • Home Science Sub-Department

Language Department

English & Kiswahili as a language serves a pivotal and crucial role in the lives of students at whatever level of study.

  • English Sub-Department
  • Kiswahili Sub-Department

Mathematics Department

We strive to train graduates with practical mathematical computing skills beyond the classroom.

Creative Arts Department

The mission of the Creative Arts Department is to engage students with works of the creative imagination.

  • Art & Craft Sub-Department
  • P.E. Sub-Department
  • Music Sub-Department

Library Science Department

The Department of Library Science has a distinguished record of research, education and community outreach that spans many decades.

  • ICT Sub-Department